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Louisa Kruger is a South African contemporary artist. Self-taught, she paints freely and is bold in her use of colours and textures. In 2020 her African portraiture was exhibited by Undiscovered Canvas in the heart of the old city of Antibes (France) and early in 2021 she took part in the GAIA Exhibition by M.A.D.S. in Milan. Currently her work is seen in The Shayne Gallery, Montreal (Canada).

Louisa Kruger

Johannesburg based, Wife, Mother & Artist Sacha O’Reilly discovered her passion for watercolours whilst taking a sabbatical from the fast-paced world of the Cyber Security industry.

Soon she was hooked on this medium and decided to pause her twenty-year plus Info Sec career, to pursue her creative talents.

Sacha’s watercolour paintings are playful and invoke an emotion of light-hearted joy.

Sasha Lee

Franci discovered her passion for drawing and painting over 20 years ago. From being a successful businesswoman in the corporate world, teaching in mainstream schools for a few years, and studying for her MBA she decided to follow her dream… to become a full-time artist and is the now owner of her art school – Art With Franci. 

Franci du Plessis

Michelle is a Portuguese watercolour artist based in Johannesburg; mom of 2 and a business owner who loves spending time on the beach.

Her passion is to create beautiful watercolour art pieces. She loves the playfulness and movement of the colours as she paints- this is sometimes what she thinks of when falling asleep.

Her style is fine detailed and specific. Inspiration comes through nature with an interest in painting flowers and leaves.

Michelle Jade Parreira

My dream as a child was to be an artist leading me to art school after matric.
It was a short career as I quickly realized that the business world is what pays. After years of working and being an entrepreneur, COVID forced us to look for new income streams, and here we are!
My artist dreams are bigger as my vision is to run a big studio and earn a good living from my gift of giving.

Tracy Harley

I am a self taught watercolourist who loves sharing the gift of watercolour to others. I started teaching myself watercolour and fell inlove instantly.
The new modern techniques and materials where fascinating to me.
Watercolour leaves so much space for learning and growing and I have taught complete beginners who now have the confidence to paint and have the same love for the medium.

Carmen Arrand

“Always be kinder than you feel.” – Audrey H